Public Statement of my Will dated 20th January 2014

Public Statement of my Will dated 20th January 2014


I, Jayakrishnan. C. V. (Jayakrishnan Elayitam), hereby declare that whatever Assets (Property, Cash Deposits, Savings etc) I might be possessing, 20 %  of that shall go to the following 5 institutions equally (4% of Total Assets each) after my Death. The 5 institutions are 1) N.S.S. Karayogam, Palluruthy, 2) Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization 3) Kerala Chief Minister’s Disaster Management Fund 4) Indian Prime Minister’s Disaster Management Fund and 5) the International Agency for Child Welfare  UNICEF.


The relevant Agencies may claim their due after my death considering this Statement as a Public Statement of my Will.


Your’s Sincerely,



Son of P.S.Vijayan

Chelayil Cheriya Madhom, Lakshmi Nilayam,

Panchayath Raj Road,

Palluruthy, Cochin – 682 006.

Res. Ph: 91 (484) 2234569

Mob: 91 9446935373

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9 Responses to Public Statement of my Will dated 20th January 2014

  1. NGDCs .. Hard Copy of my Will is not prepared yet. This is only a Soft Copy. I shall prepare the hard copy also in due course of time .. For the time being I am documenting my Will in the Internet ..


  2. NGDCs .. By any chance if the Assets get increased or reduced at the Time of Death, 20% of whatever there in my Name at that time shall go to above stated Institutions equally ..


  3. jk says:

    NGDCs .. As per the latest Nigudha Samkhyam observation, I am declaring an extra 4% of my Total Assets at my Time of Death to the Agency (Custodian of the Will) that implement well the above clauses in my Will after my death in distributing 20% righteously to all the five Agencies stated above .. Other than stating this in the internet, when I prepare the hard copy of my Will, I shall also include this clause also for the benefit of the Custodian of My Will for properly implementing that too .. For the Time being I am looking for a good Custodian to prepare the Hard Copy ofWill and keep it for implementation after my death ..

  4. More NGDCs .. I have already offered 24% of my Total Wealth at the time of my death to the Public (including the 4% to the Custodian of my Will for righteous and proper implementation) .. Probably if this Nigudha Samkhyam Model on Nifty Futures Prediction goes wrong and gets below to such an extent below 76% from the current levels of 96%, I shall certainly think more to raise that level in my Will from 24 % offered to Public to further more in percentage wise ..

  5. It is to be noted that I have not given any Power of Attorney to any one, to act on my behalf, other than the mandatory documents used by the Stock Brokers to deduct their brokerages, government’s mandatory taxes and the mandatory service charges by law. So if anyone says that they have the Power of Attorney to act on my behalf it is an act of fraud and an offence to be enquired by Police. I request if any one approaches you saying that they have my Power of Attorney to act on my behalf it could be a fraudulent act or something just for some fun, unofficial things etc. Please be aware.

    with SAI RAM,

    Jayakrishnan. C.V. ( Son of Chelayil P. S. Vijayan) ,
    Chelayil (Cheriya Madhom – Lakshmy Nilayam), Ward Number – 14, House Number 658 of Kochi Corporation as on 6th June 2014, Panchayath Raj Road, Edakochi Village,
    Cochin – 6, Kerala , India..
    Pin – 682 006.

    NB – I am still looking for a Custodian of my Will stated above..

  6. jk says:

    NGDCs .. Adding some more fun with some colour and spices 2oo with a PDMP Project .. Only Girls shall be entertained for this project .. For this PDMP (Perpetual Dating Mechanism with Polygamy that may or may not can be converted to Marriage) Project .. Applicants should be having a minimum Security Deposit of at least Rs. 10 Lakhs as Fixed Deposit (FD) in their name in a recognized Indian Bank.. Interest of this FD shall be used for some Show – Offs including investments in F & O Market as per Nigudha Samkhyam predictions that went right 32 out of 33 times so far with Nifty Futures in F & O Market .. Marriage is something that may or may not can be thought of if this deposit Rs.10 lakhs of the candidate grows to Rs.40 lakhs with Nigudha Samkhyam Predictions and investments in F & O Market and if there is mutual interest existing to go for that .. If any candidate(s) loose their interests with the FD on and on and and not been able to generate interests with Nigudha Predictions and still decides to stay on and on with it (go on and on further with Nigudha Samkhyam Methods) .. probably she/they can be thought of to be fit candidates to be my Custodian of Will to implement its aspects ..

    .. ..

  7. More NGDCs .. For the time being the Nigudha Samkhyam Model that went right 32 out 33 times (96% right Model..) been put into a Freezer since April 2014 for want of Venture Capitalists and Custodian of my Will .. If the accuracy level of that model reduces further from the current 96% to less than 70% the share offered to various Public Agencies and also the Custodian of this Will shall be raised further ..

  8. jk says:

    NGDCs .. With the recent “Maggie” kind of fiascos that has happened in today’s society and since I am a consumer of food bought from external source along with home made food, I seriously doubt higher chances some kind of “Food Poisoning” in some of my eatables .. So another clause that I hereby add to my Will that, whenever I die, the body needs to be subjected to Post Mortem too by the Police before cremating or donating to the Medical College as a better choice that I may suggest for .. I seriously doubt food poisoning elements and drugs of some kind in some of the eatables either home cooked or bought from outside, that can cause troubles to one’s body and health and even eyes too probably (.. the itch feel especially felt in my eyes today after eating the food prompted this statement for some common good for the whole human society as some kind of a preventive vaccine too with some probable biological and chemical weapons used by criminals locally (.. even by changing the original products of better quality with fake products containing food poison too sometimes probably..) too, towards (trying to harm) people who try their life journey with the sensory Physical World around with some “Right Wing Philosophies” in some kind of a balanced manner without compromising their freedom for some meaningful existence as per their Consciousness abiding by the stated Constitutional laws of this Universe to an extent .. ) ..

    In short I may say whoever dies in this world, at least in our locality or at least in mine and my parents’ case, their/our bodies needs to be subjected to Post – Mortem by the Police before burial/cremation /or a still better thing donating the body to Medical College as I may wish for, as I really doubt chances of food / drug poisoning in this part of the Universe upon any human being who die even a so called natural death even in Hospitals ..

    This is just a suggestion as some kind of a “Preventive Vaccine” perhaps to reduce the probability of criminals (people having criminal mentality..) misusing drugs / medicines / food poisoning etc upon their targets without being suspected under guise .. Again it is just a preventive vaccine thought only with a probable such scenario that can be a high possibility with a highly competitive and selfish society with today’s world .. Once again this is only a doubt only and I don’t have any proofs in this regard about any kind of “Food Poisoning” nor any other “Biological or Chemical Weapons” except for some doubting feels that’s induced by today’s society and its actions .. Recent “Maggie Fiasco” perhaps exposed more such chances existing in society to be used by criminals if wanted in the guise of food and drugs by changing / replacing them too .. So at least a “Random Post Mortem” of any deaths even the so called normal ones that’s happening in any locality by the Police immediately after death, before cremation can perhaps help for a good cause to create at least some fear in the criminals who might attempt that with some kind of biological / chemical weapons of some kind .. Perhaps also might help in prevention of many diseases too for the humanitarian cause for the future .. maybe like similar kind of substances found in dead bodies which are probably considered harmless by experts today, perhaps can be a new finding which can lead to harmful usage of particular substances in particular locality can also be a good data for Public Health and Welfare in each society / locality too probably ..

    Hence I want Post Mortem to be done by Police when me or my parents die upon our bodies and may suggest all should state that in their Will as it can even identify the probable substances that can be harmful to people in particular localities that can help maintaining the future health of people in any locality to identify even aspects of so called “Pathyam” too as experimental research data for understanding many more aspects of “Ayurvedam” too in an English Medicinal Research Way for the health of future generations too ..

    Just tried to bring up a point in a civil way .. Maybe its upto the Authorities concerned to think further upon such ideas..
    Some people have already branded me as “Mad” for bringing up such an idea .. but I still think it can actually be a good preventive vaccine to increase the life span people upon this earth ..


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