Sometimes its interesting to think about the great dwaita ways of Advaitam too perhaps with some disappearing acts too with some invis(nc)ibility .. maybe there are many methods available in this matter perhaps even with magic, but the one using another dimension that is not yet known neither can be tested by any other, other than the one who is experiencing it seems an interesting and safer thing without even disturbing the normal heights of the world trying to excel practicing some mediocritic extremes too .. But then perhaps the Resultant intensities also seem to matter perhaps in a non time bound manner in addressing some of the challenges with flying high too with other unknown dimensions with known world of ordinary researchers and then somewhat return safely too..

.. maybe interesting also to think about a practical point too that I happened to observe perhaps as a Mirage that might often happen .. when I drive a Car/Vehicle from point A to Point B from West to East the number of kilometers that I travel seem to be more than that during the return travel from East to West from the Point B to A .. Interesting to think about the direction of rotation of Earth upon its own axis ..

.. need not just be like the song “Avanavan Kurukkunna Kurukkazhichetukkumpol Khullu maal or Gullu Maal with an elO’el ..

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  1. All are NGDCs though ..

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