Some Modificaions on Papa Samya Checks as per some recent observations..

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Adding some more further Fine – Tuning into it with recent developments and  observations ..
In recent times more and more civilized cultures of the world are  aiming and encouraging more and more gender equality and along with more and  more fine tuneness with more Automation Principles in place reducing the Margins  of Errors .. perhaps with a concept Shankaracharyar advised “Bhaja Govindam” to  “Moodha mathes” only .. Perhaps the Recent observations of some Scientific  principles too perhaps suggesting the probable Dwaita aspects of Advaita being  to be also Absolute rather than Relative, “Yoga Maya” aspects of Brahman (the  delusive of aspects of Godhood) could even be Absolute and Part and Parcel to  God ..
With these in mind using some fine tuning principles, here on while doing  some “Papa Samya” Checks with Marriage Combatibility in Horoscopes, I shall be  using plus or minus Half “Dosham” (+ or – 1/2 (0.5) Dosham ) irrespective of  Gender Bias as the allowance region for Papa Samya Checks .. Instead of the  Plus One Dosham (+ 1 Dosham) allowance biased towards Male Gender as per some  of  the Popular Traditions used today ..
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Since I could be one among the “Moodhamathes” as suggested by Jagadguru  Aadi Shankaracharyar, I shall still be using “Bhaja Govindam” principles with  Nigudha Samkhyam enabled Hanuman Jyothisham for cross checking some of the  “Dukringekaranes” involved in Marriage Compatibility Checks too ..
“Yathra Yogeswara Krishno
Yathra Partho Dhanurdhara
Some Modificaions on Papa Samya Checks as per some recent  observations..
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Plus the books that I am having is telling about “Lagna Bhavam” as making  Lagnam the Centre and finding the Lagna Bhavam as 15 degrees forward and  backward of the position of “Lagnam” .. but it is not talking of  Chandral and  Shukral Bhavams like that .. So hereon while performing Papa Samya Checks I  shall consider Chandral and Shukral “Papa Samkhya” relative to the Lagna Bhavam  with Bhava Chintha .. not with seperate “Chandral” and “Shukral” Bhavam analysis  as given by my Computer Software .. Note that Bhava Chintha is slightly  different from Rasi Chintha perhaps also incorporating many aspects of Amsakams  too .. Even in that my books are telling about Lagna Bhavam only .. perhaps a  logical iteration further may suggest the Chandra Bhavam and Shukra Bhavam to be  treated separately but maybe the ancient sages also might have incorporated  empirical aspects with practical findings too when they said Navamsa check  aspects are only needed to be incorporated for Marriage Compatibility Checks ..  need not further finer divisions .. I am incorporating this concept in Marriage  Compatibility Checks today onwards .. So those who’s Papa Samya Check did not  match previously (.. perhaps there won’t be much difference with this one step  below the highest for some good shapes concept .. but in case ..) may do a  further Re-Check ..
Please note that these are all probably NGDCs ..
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