Lagna Bhavashtavargam .. ( Lagna Bhava Ashtavargam .. ) ..

Lagna Bhavashtavargam is a new and innovative modified Ashtavargam  Calculation method I have found out with some of my researches based on  Traditional Kerla based Astrology that seem to be having higher accuracy level  with many astrological analysises ..

Something similar with the Papa Samya Checks also seem to be having  improved accuracy levels perhaps as per some of the righteous and improved  interpretations of some of the the Ancient Texts ..
These are all NGDCs ..
NGDCs meaning No Guarantee Dakhsinothara Contemplations .. Remember, this is something that may seem interesting and fun to know some of our aptitudes..
But for the practical life this is neither an exhaustive answer to our tastes and strengths, nor something we should depend blindly upon. just go thru and have fun thinking of some of our inclinations and tastes. Practically with our world of systems and education our tastes can be pursued thru in different ways rather than just accepting any suggestion blindfoldly as the Final Word. Perhaps In each and every field there are all other fields too. for eg. Maths in all other fields or philsophy in all other fields or lil bit medicinal knowhow or business and accounting knowhow could be there in all the other fields just like Astrology ..
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