Importance of Horoscope Matching with Hanuman Jyothisham (NSPA)

All are NGDCs .. NSPA meaning Nigudha Samkhyam Promotional Activity ..
Importance of Horoscope Matching with Hanuman  Jyothisham (NSPA)

Om Shrim Gam Ganapathaye Nama:How much is it important to check with Hanuman Jyothisham while  doing the traditional Marriage Compatibility Checks with Horoscopes Matching for  the suitability of longer term stable and healthy Marriage bonds with higher  probability ? Normally if we scan thru the longer term marriage relations with  different communities and Nationalaties in the past, it could be interesting to  note better longer term rates could be seen with the Indian Marriages that are  performed traditionally after checking the compatibility of Horoscopes. Incidently I am reminded of the final year project, that we  happened to do way back in 1994 in Thrissur Government Engineering College.  Students were divided into groups of 5 or 6 according to their roll numbers. We  were a group of about average students with one perhaps having some deeper tones  with voice and with a taste to listen to a lot of chirpy chatterings (a lot)  maybe. We really prayed hard so that we get a Project Guide with some  standard ideas for doing the project, maybe something like modifying an existing  design of an Ice plant with a different tonnage or something. But our Project  Guide was more proficient and inclined to do something related to Pollution  Control. Maybe in today’s world, the petrol supply has become unleaded so  that the Catalytic Convertors are doing some kind of a Pollution Control with  some kind of a gas conversion. But during those years, unleaded petrol was not  widely implemented by the refinieries in India. Perhaps we can compare the good old methods of compatibility of  operations of an engine with the Nakshathra Poruttham ie done with Horoscopes  while doing some marriage match checks, with some basic design parameters.  Sometimes pretty average Porutthams are also given some minimum pass marks,  maybe which might be causing some so called irritating emissions too. Now coming back to the Engineering Project, our Guide really  wanted us to do something that could be useful in controlling the pollution. So  we went to a standardised organisation and tried to see what are the normal  Nakshathra Porutthams done there with engines. We took the photostat copies of a  lot of literature on some of the engines there and took everything to the Sir.  We were thinking of a literature Project depicting the procedure done with  maintenance of engines in a standardised organisation which in turn helps  reducing the pollution in the overall performance. But our Project Guide just laughed at it. Maybe something  available with machine manuals and its standardised maintenance schedule perhaps  might have made him think something like, “What could be the difference  between just checking the Nakshathra Porutthams available with almost all  Panchangas available now a days in India with almost all bookstores and a  standardised Ice plant design like project without even a tonnage difference.” Maybe with the introduction of Unleaded fuels in India as a part  of standardisation, manufactures of cars might have been able to use some  Catalytic convertors in the vehicles that might look even the different tonnages  in the design of an Iceplant look so ordinary like a substandard Literature  Project rather than an Engineering Project maybe, sometimes even making one sing  Bhaja Govindam maybe, instead of concentrating on dukringekaranes, with the  world wide spread of “Nakshathra Porutthams” through Panchangas as some good  standard procedure for getting involved in marriage relationship. Our Sir might have been thinking of the lack of availability of  some engineering excluvisities in that Photostat Copy Literature project with  Nakshathra Porutthams with those Maintenance Schedules. Mere availability of  some maintenance schedule need not fit well with the frameworks of an  Engineering Project. We were puzzled, not just about the one month spend in a  standardised organisation in search of a Photostat Copy Project going in vain,  but more than that what next ? So perhaps we started off again for some Kuja Dosha and Papa  Samya Checks. I was supposed to show the face to the Sir, regularly without  erring much in the grammar of order. Later I realised that Kuja Dosha Checks  need not matter if there is Papa Samya with Taste Compatibility. However I was  rewarded more by Sir when marks came perhaps for doing some of those Kuja Dosha  checks with some regular grammar at least, eventhough need not that very much  perfect, but with a strong real theme behind with paying respect, which others  perhaps wanted to avoid, as there was virtually nothing to show at that time. Anyway while going on with the Kuja Dosha Checks with grammar,  we were thinking, if the Papa Samya checks further, do not seem to give any  compatibility with tastes, we shall try going forward with “Nakshathra  Porutthams” in a “Madhyama” manner itself, with the works we photocopied  earlier. Of course we knew this is not the righteous way, but the compulsions of  time with policies, we may need to launch something like the Challenger, that  NASA might have tried in 1986, causing even the death of seven people trying to  check our luck. Suddenly one day, the liker of chirpy chattering, having a  deeper tone, felt some duty consciousness, took some lead role and produced  before us a Seminar topic presented in an IIT. They have given the Design  parameters too. Usage of a Cyclonic Separator for reducing the particulate  emissions in a diesel engine using some vortex breakers which can improve Engine  Power and Efficiency too perhaps as a bye-product, along with pollution control.  Some later literature show something like this in the net. Sir also liked the idea of fabricating a prototype and our  Mechanical Engineering Lab had a Diesel Engine to test and compare its  Performance indicators and perhaps we might be even able to challenge the  Seminar Topic with a practical scenario with the B.H.P of Diesel Engine in our  lab. So the idea of fabrication of Cyclonic Separator got passed the Papa Samya  test with tastes. Next it was the Dasa Sandhi Check for Performance Appraisal  maybe. Maybe it has got more to do with the perfection of timing. Some argue  that if everything else is perfectly okay, Atharva Veda with Timing need not  matter. But when there are some spill overs either with fatigue or grammatical  mistakes, timing (even with Muhurthas) seems somewhat valid point maybe to have  some luck factor too. As we saw earlier, normally when the Chovva Doshams (the grammar  with Kuja Dosham compatibility) are byepassed with Papa Samyam checks with  intents, perhaps we cannot say Dasa Sandhi checks can be totally ignored with  filtering processes. Maybe they act as some preventive mechanism if there are  some faults in the Design perhaps. Some may boast, they won’t do Dasa Sandhi  checks, since their design is perfect. But we preferred to do some Dasa Sandhi  Checks, instead of swallowing the Design without water. One day one elderly married person came to me and said, for his  marriage, they did not check any Horoscope matching and still they are still  going on. He also added that somebody said him, their horoscopes do not even  match. When I asked who said about non-matching, he did not seem to have an  answer. So I took some efforts in checking their compatibility and it was found  to have “Madhyama” Poruttha, which means somewhat an average going. The  silence he had shown regarding this matter afterwards seemed to me that he has  also agreed to it somewhat. So we fabricated the Cyclonic Separator and we tried to check  some intersection points with performance after putting in some labour.  Incidently I would also like to think of another real story. NASA launched  Challenger in 1986, within seconds into the flight, it got crahed killing even  seven people. Later they stated, apart from other compulsions, the reason for  this crash was the leakage in the Rubber O ring. Perhaps some leakage in  something that acts as a gasket because of its inability to withstand the heat  produced. Dasa Sandhi checks with timing might help to reduce the maximum heat  produced, though with a very good design with a higher factor of safty, the high  heat produced during Dasa Sandhies need not matter much. Something similar happened with our test for the Performance  appraisal of the Cyclonic Separator along with a diesel engine. We didn’t care  to put some expensive heat resistant gasket between the parts, but we only put  some card board gaskets, which we didn’t think may get burned with the heat at  the emission point. The gasket got burned and that made it difficult for the  rest of the Performance appraisal with the design parameters. But we could observe the black thicker dust particles below the  vortex breaker. So we took some photographs of that. Just as I did with the  Spherhometer readings, in the Physics lab during Pre-Degree while assessing the  Radius of Gyration with lenses, we checked for the standard values, then  assessed what could be the curves with a better particulate emission control, in  line with the theoretical/observed values given in the Seminar paper and then  worked out the whole project backwards with some good imaginary precision and  with some photographs. Most of this work with reverse building process was then done by  the chirpy chatter lover. Anyway when the marks came, all students associated  with the ice plant project got the maximum marks with their safe flights. The  deeper voice chirpy chatter lover also fetched the highest marks in tune with  them with our Challenger project. I fetched the second highest. All others  seemed to have got lesser than us in the whole class. Maybe our Project Guide might be smiling if he happens to read  this, about the way I go on for convincing some points, as somebody told to me  in past that I have some great ways in convincing the people. But I didn’t get  that job at that time (maybe for better) could be another aspect with some  dramatisation with some plane events. Perhaps you may like a few other similar  incidents happened with a Governor elsewhere. So in order to avoid any more leakage problems further with  quality, I also decided to add some extra factor of safety too in the process of  checking the Horoscopes for Marriage Matching. The additional factor added being  checking also with Hanuman Jyothisham. With the additional factor added I also  raised my consultation fee from Rs. per Horoscope Match Checking for Marriage  Matching to Rs.. per Marriage Compatibility Check. Of course a tachometrical  assessment with the planet distribution in the horoscopes being sometimes an  extra unexpected bonus for the client. Though I wrote the whole thing above with a comparitive view,  some of the things I would like to clarify regarding some of the technical  aspects with Horoscope Matching that I do now a days. For Nakshathra  Compatibility check, now a days I prefer to use Mathrubhumi Panchangam. For  Chovva Dosham Checks standard ancient traditional procedure used by most, with  due regards given only to Paapa Samyam Check. Paapa Samyam Check is performed as  per the rules in an ancient text given to me by my Late Grand Father on Mother’s  side. For Dasa Sandhi Checks and also for the Horoscope preparation I am  depending on a Computer Program. Some tachometrical approach with the  distribution of planets sometimes stated are as per some of the inferences found  in some standard Astrological books. For preparing the Horoscope for marriage compatibility checks in  traditional Kerala way, One’s Date of Birth with Year, Time of Birth, Birth  Place, Gender and Name are required. It could even take about One hour in  performing all the points mentioned above, with a single Marriage Compatibility  Check with Horoscopes. I don’t know how some Jyothisies are said to perform some  of these checks within a few minutes except the Nakshathra Porutthams. So  perhaps if somebody is said to be doing like that its better to be beware of  such quickies as there are some calculations that needs to be done which need  not be possible within minutes. However even though computer programs are  available with some formats, its better a Jyothishi is consulted personally  (like me of course) so that the Hanuman Jyothisham test is performed properly  and for some bonus points sometimes with Planetory distribution. Om Shrim Gurubhyom Nama: Om Sri Murugaya Namaha, Dandhapaani Daivame Nama: Yathra Yathra Raghunaama Keerthanam Tathra Tathra Krithamasthakaanjalim Baashpavaarim Paripoorna Lochanam Maaruthim Namatha Raakshasaanthakam Om Srim Hanumath Swaamiye Nama: SAI RAM
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  1. jk says:

    More NGDCs .. However now a days with Nigudha Samkhyam techniques marriage compatibility can be checked even within minutes with Random Number Generation and Simulation something like in the good old Prasna Margam with some modifications too of course ..

    Facebook link..

  2. Vraiment sympa à lire, je reviendrais dans le coin voir que vous allez nous offrir remerciement

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