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Elayitam) (E1598966), Kochi, India


Profile created by Sibling


38 Yrs, Male, Unmarried, 5 Ft 3
In / 160 Cms , 65 Kgs / 143 lbs , Hindu, Nair, Malayalam, MBA / PGDM,
Consultant, Kerala, Kochi.


in Nigudha Samkhyam and Nigudha Samkhyam enabled Yanthras including
Money Doubling Bhagyasree Yanthras and Intelligence Boosting
Vidyasree Yanthras. Also a Consultant in Mangement, Astrology and
Investment in F & O Market… Sometimes a writer too..

fruit yielding plants and trees that grow in the Courtyard premise
are Coconut, Jack fruit, Plantern, Arrack nut, Pappaya, Tamarind,
Pineapple, Kari Veppila, Pera, White, Red, Pink and Yellow Chetthi
(Thettippookkal), Pavizhamalli, Rose, Nisa Gandhi, Jasmine etc within
20 cents of land.. Teak, Mango trees, Kani Konna etc are also there
but ….. for the time being.. just in case some taste matching is
sought with fruit yielding plants in the premise..

dishes are Ghee Roast, Vada, Dosa and Iddaly with Sambar/Chutney, Red
Rice with Pappadam, Ghee and Mango Chammandi along with Curd etc




Name : Jayakrishnan.C.V. (jayakrishnan

Body Type / Complexion : Average / Wheatish

Age : 38 Years

Physical Status : Normal

Height : 5 Ft 3 In / 160 Cms

Weight : About 65 Kgs / 143 lbs

Mother Tongue : Malayalam

Blood Group : B+


Religious Information

Religion : Hindu


Caste / Sub Caste : Nair / Kurup

Gothram : Kurup/Kartha, Elayitam/Menon


Zodiac : Sagittarius


Star / Raasi : Avittam / Makaram (Capricorn)


Chovva Dosham : No (As per Rasi), Yes (As per


Horoscope Match : Must and should match in




Eating Habits : Vegetarian

Drinking habits : Non-drinker

Smoking habits : Non-smoker


Country : India

City : Kochi

State : Kerala

Resident Status : Citizen

Citizenship : India



Education Category : MBA / PGDM from SCMS

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from
Government Engineering

College, Thrissur

Occupation : Consultant

Education in Detail : B.Tech in Mechanical
Engg, PGDBA in Marketing and Finance


Occupation in Detail : Nigudha Samkhyam,
Astrology and Management. Present income

more than 3 figure pm


Employed in : Self




Family Values : Traditional

Father’s Occupation : Retired Government

Family Type : Nuclear family

Mother’s Occupation : Retired School Principal

Family Status : Middle class

No of Brother(s) : None

Ancestral Origin : Ketakkattillath Chelayil
Cheriya Madhom,Paternal

No of Sister(s) : 1
/ 1 Married


our family : A small unit in a
Big Family..


His hobbies & interests


Hobbies : Puzzles,
Chess, Reading and Samkhyam


Music : Blues, Devotional, Disco, Indian classical, Indipop, Film

Ghazals, Plus anything that generates interest..


Reads : Humor, Classics, Stories, Novels, Magazines/newspapers,

Philosophy / spiritual, Anything that generates interest..


Movies : Anything that seems interesting..


Activities : Chess, Cricket, Badminton, Carrom, Now a days mainly

stretch exercises only that too sometimes with cycling.


Cuisine : South Indian, Ghee Roast, Uzhunnu Vada, Iddly, Curd etc


Dress Style : Casual wear, Indian / Ethnic wear, Now a days Dhothi
and Shirt






Languages : English, Malayalam,



Age : 21 – 41 Years


Height : 4
Ft 6 In – 5 Ft 8 In / 137 Cms – 173 Cms


status : Any


Status : Normal


Tongue : Any


Child : No


Religion : Hindu


Caste : Nair


Caste : Any


Star : Any
that suit in “Utthamam” Astrologically


Gothra : Any


Manglik : Depends
on Papa Samyam Analysis based on Bhava Chintha.


Habits : Vegetarian

Habits : Non-smoker


Habits : Non-drinker


Education :

– Engineering / Computers, Masters – Engineering / Computers, Masters
– Arts / Science / Commerce / M Phil /…, Management – BBA / MBA
/…, Medicine – General / Dental / Surgeon /…, Legal – BL / ML /
LLB / LLM /…, Service – IAS / IPS / IRS / IES / IFS /…, PhD,
Finance – ICWAI / CA / CS /…


Occupation : Any


Income : Any


Country : Any




Status : Any


State : Any


Citizenship : Any


City : Any, but willing to settle in Palluruthy later..


we are looking for :


Post Graduate or Professional with Simple
Habits, Vegetarian with matching Horoscope in Utthamam even with
Nigudha Samkhyam enabled Hanuman Jyothisham. Ready to look after our
Parents..Capable to run the family unit with Rs.1000/- pm that can be


It is to be noted that with “Rasi
Grahanila Chart” (as used commonly by many), though the
Kuja/Mangal/Chovva is in the 6th house from Lagnam with the Rasi
horoscope here, but with the “Bhava Chintha Chart”, it is
actually in the Seventh House.. We do the positional analysis with
Kuja Dosha and Papa Samya checks based on slightly more difficult to
do “Bhava Chintha” analysis as said in most standard texts
rather than with the easier short cut method with “Rasi


So one who is supposed to be having “Kuja
Dosha” with “Rasi Chintha” may not really be having it
and the ones who may not be seen having Kuja Dosha as per Rasi, might
really be having it..


So whenever you send horoscope, please mention
your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth too.. so that
perhaps, we shall be able to do a better and proper horoscope
compatibility analysis.. Also should be willing to go for at least 1
year apprenticeship in Harinama Keerthanam Project with our nearby
temple earning about Rs.6000/- in an year with that project, before



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14 Responses to Alliance Seeking Advertisement

  1. jk says:

    As per some latest suggestions I am modifying this clause ..

    Partner Preference

    Bride’s Age : (modified to..) .. 18 – 45 Years ..

  2. jk says:

    Maybe there are some simple questions that the aspirant girl might need to answer .. like how is she going to practically manage the household affairs with Rs.1000/- per month given .. ?? ..

    One may refer further the following link .. perhaps to understand some thoughts involved in some conditions ..

    NGCFCs though..

  3. jk says:

    Other issues that might need to be answered / addressed shall be discussed as the process moves forward .. NGCFCs though..

  4. jk says:

    Additions with Conditions ..

    Also the girl needs to be one who does regularly the wholebody bath including that of hair at least twice a day ..

  5. jk says:

    Additional Adds with Conditions .. Candidate meeting the above requirements should also be ready to wait until I make on my own Rs.10 Crores from either F & O Market in Shares or from Kerala State Lottery bumper prizes .. NGCFCs clauses apply though ..


  6. jk says:

    NGDCs .. Due to some technical reasons I have decided to postpone my decision to get married indefinitely .. may or may not be revoked later ..

  7. jk says:

    An explanation with a Facebook Note:-

  8. jk says:

    NGDCs .. More on Relationship Thoughts ..

  9. jk says:

    NGDCs .. Few more Modifications are added and the major being the Time Tested Trial clause to check the Mana: Poruttham .. Widows are also included in the Partner Preference .. Age limit clause been modified from 18 to 47 .. No restrictions on height .. Again any time any of these decisions could be revoked to the suit the Resultant Intensities Within and Without that might prevail .. ..

  10. jk says:

    NGDCs .. Ganeshas from Kerala Matrimony called me yesterday and suggested me to change the preferred age of wife from 32 to whatever as I am more than 40 .. and I refused it and then modified the What we are looking for column to Vegetarian, Post Graduate or Professionally Qualified with Simple Habits willing to settle at Groom’s Residence eventually and wait for the Shanthi Muhoortham Time that can be anywhere by 2033 AD in Gregorian Calendar as per horoscopes suitability with Nigudha Samkhya Jyothisham.. Matching Horoscope as per Nigudha Samkhya Jyothisham is also important .. But then Lord Ganesha preferred to put some blockades by suspending my Profile itself for not changing the preferred age of wife to 32 .. 🙂 .. So please don’t look into my Kerala Matrimony Id for further updates till the next update I might come up with .. ..

  11. jk says:

    More NGDCs .. Whole Body Bath including Hair at least twice a day as a habit is also a Must ..

  12. jk says:

    NGDCs .. Applications are invited after January 2015 for a Perpetual Dating Project mentioned in some of the blogs and posts here and earlier .. An unmarried reduced adventure family life .. 🙂 as mentioned in the Malayalam Movie “Praise the Lord” later with the Vegetarian Heroine with a name Aakansha .. :O .. need not just any Perpetual Moving Machine of Second Kind .. (PMM2) .. 🙂 .. Live In Relationship with humping without inser*ion for the Time Being (May or may not get converted to Marriage) .. The girl needs to be a Vegetarian. She needs to be either a Post Graduate or Professional ready to look after my parents too including helping them in house holds.. Nigudha Samkhyam approval on compatibility is a must as always .. She can be made the Custodian of my Will and also be allowed to invest in F & O market as per Nigudha Samkhyam Forecasts .. 🙂 .. Conditions and Clauses may change anytime without any prior notices with Resultant Intensities Within and Without with the passage of Time ..

  13. jk says:

    NGDCs .. Makes me also think of a Funny, Interesting and still Creative attempt to Population Control Consensus Agenda with some Minimum Result Orientations that the Universe might be having with some or other ( even something different than the perceived 2oo ..) Town Planning Agenda of Universe or maybe THAT etc.. 2oo perhaps without using much Natural Calamities or even the likes of Mahabharath Wars etc .. not very sure though .. 🙂 .. just a funny rant 2oo .. :O .. ..

    More NGDCs ..

    NGDCs .. Adding some more fun with some colour and spices 2oo with a PDMP Project .. Only Girls shall be entertained for this project .. For this PDMP (Perpetual Dating Mechanism with Polygamy that may or may not can be converted to Marriage) Project .. Applicants should be having a minimum Security Deposit of at least Rs. 10 Lakhs as Fixed Deposit (FD) in their name in a recognized Indian Bank.. Interest of this FD shall be used for some Show – Offs including investments in F & O Market as per Nigudha Samkhyam predictions that went right 32 out of 33 times so far with Nifty Futures in F & O Market .. Marriage is something that may or may not can be thought of if this deposit Rs.10 lakhs of the candidate grows to Rs.40 lakhs with Nigudha Samkhyam Predictions and investments in F & O Market and if there is mutual interest existing to go for that .. If any candidate(s) loose their interests with the FD on and on and and not been able to generate interests with Nigudha Predictions and still decides to stay on and on with it (go on and on further with Nigudha Samkhyam Methods) .. probably she/they can be thought of to be fit candidates to be my Custodian of Will to implement its aspects ..

  14. NGDCs .. On this Auspicious time of Vijaya Dasami along with Shirdi Sai Maha Samadhi Day, as per the Divine Command of Nigudha Samkhyam Check using jk’s Random Number Generation and Simulation Technique (as I also do not find the institution of Marriage any more Entertaining nor Enchanting with the latest DATA), I hereby declare that I am opting out of the race to get married for an indefinite period of Time ..

    However STKTPDMVC project Show – Offs of some kind of a singles club with various levels (modified and evolved or not..) including the usual HalfWayThru Levels shall continue as some fun agenda ..

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