Modified jk Resume’ plus some Modified NSPA

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Objective :

To join a reputed progressive organization in and around Kochi, that can utilize my expertise, tastes and ability better with my current status quo and offers opportunities for advancement, bettermining this.

Conditions :

The organization should be ready to provide equivalent conditions as per present existence with father and mother. Apart from taking care all expenditure incurred by the family, some extra income is also sought as some savings. I am also pursuing researches upon Eternal Bliss in a Civilized manner within personal level. These researches should also be allowed to continue.


Name : Jayakrishnan.C.V.


Age and Date of Birth : 38 years, 11 – 12 – 1972.


Marital Status and Sex : Single / Male.


Passport Number : H 3993699 issued on 24/04/2009 in Cochin.


Religion / Caste : Hindu / Nair


Sight and Hearing Range : Okay with some Normal Standards.


Qualification :

First Class Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance) from School of Communication and Management Studies, Cochin.


First Class B. Tech Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Government Engineering College, Thrissur under Calicut University. Electives were Materials Management and Statistical Quality Control.


Major Self perceived Strength :

Considerably good skills in analyzing the numbers and ratios and in a better utilization of available resources. Gradual adaptability to the given conditions and some very spontaneous outflows that can practically and constructively be implemented, for better performance of the system. An industrious (thinking) human vision that fill some voids in available machine vision and a weaving machine vision that fill some voids in the ordinary human vision.


Profile :


August 2002 – Till Now


Consultant in Nigudha Samkhyam and Astrology. Also Consultant in investment in Futures and Options in Nifty.


Researcher into numbers and regression analysis with a study on random simulative aspects on the working of the universe with Nigudha Samkhyam. Has also developed a few aspects in Marriage Match Compatibility Checks with traditional Astrology. Also developed Nigudha Samkhyam enabled Guaranteed* Money Doubling Machines (Srilakshmi Yanthras) (*Conditions Apply). Also developed Nigudha Samkhyam enabled Srividya Yanthras. Has also developed a few jk constants with Kerala State Lottery.


Also running a Test Project based on some aspects of Harinama Keerthanam.


Engineering consultant to small scale fabrication works in households as per some custom requirements in design.


A participant in some social service activities with Sathyasai Seva Samithy, Palluruthy.


Present Income : More than 3 figures per month approximately in Rupee terms.


August 2000- August 2002

Held the position of Project Engineer in K.S.A, branch of Cooling World Center, P.O.Box – 7692, Dubai, U.A.E.


Was responsible for running three Mechanical maintenance sites in different power plants of Saudi Electrical Company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with three Supervisors and about 40 workers simultaneously.


Projects included,


* Repair of various types heat exchangers and radiators such as


Dismantling the heat exchangers,


Repairing the cracks,

Painting and reassembly.


* Repair of turbine exhaust systems such as


Stack rebuilding,

Silencer repairing / overhauling,

Insulating diffusers,



Responsibilities also included,


* Extensive travel all over the places, in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia doing site surveillance for pitching or implementation of new/old projects,


* Co-ordination of men, material and money,


* Scheduling and organising of project operations as per the scope of work and maintenance schedule of clients,


* Team briefings for projects implementation,


* Inspection, feedback and control,


  • Submission of invoice and collection of cheque.


Income was about Rs. 36,000/- per month in Rupee terms then.


January 2000 – August 2000

Held position as a Cad engineer cum student in Caddpoint. Apart from studies, the responsibilities included assisting the preparation of tutorials, helping the students to understand better and also sometimes acting as an interface in institute – industry interaction with the Autocad course material in 3 levels namely, two dimensional drawings, three dimensional drawings and programming in Autolisp.


August 1998 – January 2000

Held position as Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and Management departments for B.E and BBA students in N.S.S. Union College. N. PARAVUR. The subjects handled included Operations Research, Engineering Mechanics and Metallurgy and Material Science.


Computer Knowledge :

Working knowledge in Autocad and MS/Open Office.


Education :


Degree Possessed

Year of Passing

Educational Institution/ Board/ University

% of Marks






SDPY Boys High School

85 %


All subjects






Aquinas College /M.G. University

79.2 %


Science subjects and Mathematics





Government Engineering College, Thrissur /Calicut University

64 %


Mechanical Engineering subjects

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration



School of Communication and Management Studies, Cochin

64 %


Marketing and Finance subjects




Languages Known

to Read, Write and Speak : English, Hindi and Malayalam.






Lakshmi Nilayam,Chelayil Compound, Sai Bhag,

Panchayath Raj Road, Palluruthy,Cochin – 682 006.

Tel: 0484 – 2234569, Mob: 9446935373.





Date: 27 – 05 – 2011.



The next page contains NSPA (Nigudha Samkhyam Promotional Activity)



Èß·â ØÞ¢¶c¢ (ç¼cÞÄß×¢,dÉÖíÈ¢)


µâ¿ÞæÄ ÙÈáÎÞX ç¼cÞÄß×¢, ÉøOøÞ·Ä ÕßÕÞÙæMÞøáJ¢, ÎáÙâVJBZ, µOcâGV ¼Þĵ¢, Èß·â ØÞ¢¶c dÖàÜfíÎà, dÖàÖµñß, dÖàÕßÆcÞ ÏdLBZ..


jk’s Nigudha Samkhyam Consultancy Service in Astrology and related Quests.


Apart from that services like Hanuman Jyothisham, Traditional Marriage Matching, Finding Auspicious time, Computerized Horoscopes, Nigudha Samkhyam enabled Srividya, Srishakthi and Srilakshmi Yanthras..


Disclaimer:-These Reports / Yanthras are based on the data provided by you and best possible research support, I have received and done so far. Yanthras are valid in the infinite Time / Space continuem (also with belief in multiple reincarnation theory in Hinduism). I do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or the effect of any decision or action that may be taken on the basis of these Reports / Yanthras. Almost all sold Yanthras are tested and not to be resold nor to be tampered with. However if the buyer of Yanthras does not feel its positive effects within one day, she / he can return the same to Jayakrishnan on the second day including the date of purchase and the price of Yanthra shall be refunded. After the 2nd day, disputes, arguements, complaints etc shall not be encouraged nor shall be considered in lawful spirits upon Yanthras. As there are a few activation codes involved with this specific Meter / Chandass, the buyer should ensure that, he buys Yanthras personally from Chelayil Vijayan Jayakrishnan only and (if not found +ve within 1 day) should return to him only in person. I am not responsible for anyone or any other organisation selling any Yanthras in my name. Whatever I give regarding the Yanthras, it is done, personally by me and my God with a special activation code till the achievement of the objected result in the infinite time – space continuem (also with belief in multiple reincarnation theory in Hinduism). If the activation code of conduct is not observed by the user, I am not responsible for any of its aftereffects.


Jayakrishnan’s (jk’s) Nigudha Samkhyam Consultancy Service,

Chelayil Cheriya Madhom, Lakshmy Nilayam, Sai Bhag,

Panchayath Raj Road, Palluruthy, Cochin-6.

Website:- ,

E-mail – ,

Ph:- 0484 – 2234569, Mob:- 9446935373.

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10 Responses to Modified jk Resume’ plus some Modified NSPA

  1. Jayakrishnan says:

    Here on the Srilakshmy Yanthras shall be known as “Bhagya Sree” Yanthras ..


  2. Jayakrishnan says:

    Since I have currently initiated a new project and am engaged in the research and development of that project, with the simulative aspects of Random Number Generation in a personal level, along with development of an own Nigudha Samkhyam Consultancy Service, no more I think, I shall be able to spare specific devoted time for the other organized structures even if they have some good HR policies and some good pay. So those who have send me Call Letters of late, may please regret. Now its become difficult for me to disassociate with my current project mid way before achieving many of its intended Goals. I shall try to revert back at another level once all the objectives of the current project are achieved. But if you are interested to do something in Random Number Generation and its simulation, feel free to contact me personaly with my Nigudha Samkhyam Consultancy Service. If you do not have a project with Random Number Generation and Simulation, I may not be able to spare my time for that for the time being.. But you may try later..

  3. Time and duration of experience need not be exactly as given in the Resume’ as I have even worked with a few more firms too with some Sales Experience too with the earlier parts of Career before 2000 .. but then I don’t remember exactly the dates .. All are NGDCs though ..

  4. jk says:

    Further NGDCs .. In order not affect some of my ongoing projects, the criteria that I am adding now is I want to be back home by 4.00 pm on a regular bais .. so that my other projects build ups including reseraches can go on too .. I am 39 years old now ..

  5. jk says:

    Currently I am in a process of building up my Nigudha Samkhyam Astrological Consultancy Services with “Lagna Bhavashtavargam” tool for forecasting ..

    .. However before 3.00 pm, I can spend sometime for some other project if somebody has a good proposal utilizing my skills .. All are NGDCs ..

  6. jk says:

    More NGDCs .. Dress Codes are not acceptable to me .. I might wear Dhoties, T-Shirts etc .. also may wear chappals .. may grow beard .. so any probable employer, please also consider these things too ..

  7. jk says:

    NGDCs .. Further Modifications .. Since I am already in a build up process with my Nigudha Samkhyam Astrology Consultaions slightly more, also with Lagna Bhavashtavargam I want to be back at home by 2.00 pm .. however I can utilize my morning time for an organisation near my house in Cochin ..


  8. jk says:

    Further NGDCs .. All Saturdays and Sundays and all Government Holidays in Kerala State Government Calender also need to be considered holidays for me too ..

  9. jk says:

    Modification to House Name adopting the well known old name too .. and it is “Chelayil Cheriya Madhom Lakshmy Nilayam ” .. There are more e-mail ids too as , , , , ..

  10. jk says:

    JK Constants with Lottery Samkhyam were developed somewhat in a similar way with the following link from Facebook ..

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