Lottery Samkhyam, maybe a part of Nigudha Samkhyam

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When we think of Kerala State Lottery, maybe there is a practical way to utilize the numbers generated for making some money. I don’t know whether this can be connected with some of the application principles of Sage Yajnavalkya’s sayings with Fullness but these principles seems to be yielding about 33% profit in the last five lots in about 5 weeks. Ofcourse it seems efforts are needed to be put in assembling the physical materials.

Maybe in todays’s world Vegetarianism could be the real fundamental basis of cast systems with social heirarchies.

Maybe the theme of Goddess Sita Devi, anywhere in the world could be identified with the birth of twin boys Lava and Kusa, maybe as Nature’s stamp to spread the Ramayana Katha.

Further researches and developments and the fine tuning of existing systems perhaps glorifies the verses in Bhgavad Gita upon Victory attributed to Sanjaya.;_ylt=AiocUToKyj_4vXUkhjjfN.7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101210062753AAarUo1

So however hard one may try with dukringekaranes maybe there could be further room for solving applicational hazards. Perhaps the origin of Louie Pasture can be rooted even to some words in some lanuguages.

But when still the Goddess without being just satisfied with the Vama Bhagam of Lord Shiva, when even try to steal the other half of the Lord maybe dukringekaranes are not of much value but only Bhaja Govindam helps on the way/after achievement of the Goal.

When the symmetry of so called random numbers generated once when becomes the basis of another set, the percentage of profit might seem higher than the risk free interest, but in reality the walks might even be the real producers of milk with the tunes of melody or blues in dancing floors. Maybe just like a careful observer of a game/driving also learns the game/driving with Embrante Vilakkath Varyarute Atthaazham attitude, the yields of perceptor seems mostly in Dakshinas only. So when the total of the numbers in each position of a random symmetrical assembly is once calculated, high empirical probability with experience seems to be there to repeat the middle fruit with higher orders whereas the middle orders might take up the previous lower orders, and the common folk in the lower orders might prefer for some takes in the higher orders. Thus the cycles that repeat might bring up some presentations with various aspects of Fullnesses.

Om Poornamada Poornamidam Poornath Poornnamudachyathe

Poornnasya Poornnamaadaaya Poornnamevavasishyathe.

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3 Responses to Lottery Samkhyam, maybe a part of Nigudha Samkhyam

  1. jk again says:

    One may read the following blog post too, maybe to get an extension of some pictures too..


  2. jk again says:

    Here is yet another link on an interesting public test upon some principles on Lottery Samkhyam..


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