Nigudha Samkhyam Promotional Activity (NSPA)


Èß·â ØÞ¢¶c¢ (ç¼cÞÄß×¢, dÉÖíÈ¢)

µâ¿ÞæÄ ÙÈáÎÞX ç¼cÞÄß×¢, ÎáÙâVJ¢, ÕßÕÞÙæMÞøáJ¢, µOcâGV ¼Þĵ¢, Èß·â ØÞ¢¶c dÖàÜfíÎà, dÖàÕßÆcÞ ÏdLBZ..

jk’s Nigudha Samkhyam Consultancy Service in Astrology and related Quests.

Apart from that services like Hanuman Jyothisham, Marriage Matching, Finding Auspicious time, Computerized Horoscopes, Nigudha Samkhyam enabled Srividya and Srilakshmi Yanthras ..

Disclaimer:-These Reports / Yanthras are based on the data provided by you and best possible research support, I have received and done so far. Yanthras are valid in the infinite Time / Space continuem. I do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or the effect of any decision or action that may be taken on the basis of these Reports / Yanthras. Almost all sold Yanthras are tested and not to be resold. However if the buyer of Yanthras does not feel its positive effects within 3 days, she / he can return the same to Jayakrishnan on the fourth day including the date of purchase and the price of Yanthra shall be refunded. After the fourth day disputes, arguements etc shall not be encouraged upon Yanthras.


Jayakrishnan’s (jk’s) Nigudha Samkhyam Consultancy Service,

Chelayil Cheriya Madhom, Lakshmy Nilayam, Sai Bhag,

Panchayath Raj Road, Palluruthy, Cochin-6.

Website:- ,

E-mail – ,

Ph:- 0484 – 2234569, Mob:- 91 – 9446935373.

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One Response to Nigudha Samkhyam Promotional Activity (NSPA)

  1. hashim says:

    Dear swamy,I have visited your space and photos.Best Regards to AllHashim Palluruthy

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